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rambling State Univeristy  Interest Form

Welcome to the "We Love the G Fundraiser" for the Las Vegas Grambling Alumni Chapter. Our "We Love the G" Fundraiser was established to help advance the educational pursuits of students by awarding financial scholarships and providing hardship funds to Grambling State University students that currently reside in the state of Nevada.

Research showed in 2020, there were 45 million borrowers who collectively owed nearly 1.6 Trillion dollars in student loan debt in the U.S. alone as reported in Forbes magazine. On top of carrying an insurmountable amount of debt, we are living in unprecedented times with a Global Pandemic and recent racial disparities being exposed within Black and Brown communities.  

We as Alumni can help to change the future of generations to come. This is where we as Alumni, Family, Friends, or Acquaintances of Grambling State University can step in and show our Love for Grambling State University with pledges and donations to the "We Love the G Fundraiser".

The Purpose and Criteria:
Our main purpose in awarding our Grambling scholarships is to provide financial assistance for GSU students and help promote a “Greater Grambling” through facilitating school loyalty, pride, and responsibility. Below you will find the varied levels of scholarship awards:


  • Level 1 Scholarship - Tuition/Room Board (3.0 & Above GPA Required)

  • Level 2 Scholarship - Tuition/Room Board (2.8 & Above GPA Required)

  • Level 3 Scholarship - Book Fees (2.5 GPA Required)

  • Other - Gap Fund (Hardship Fund) – Hardship / Tuition Gap expressed but does not meet the higher GPA requirement. (Below 2.5 GPA)

Donations and Pledges

$100.00 Contributor:

  • Support the Giving Campaign by being a part of the “$100 Dollar Club”. 

  • By being a part of the “$100 Dollar Club” you commit to donating $100 towards the GSU Student Fundraiser Campaign.

  • The $100 donation can be paid with a one-time payment or you can make a pledge and pay it incrementally (ex. Pay $10 for 10 months). 

  • All $100 Dollar Contributors will receive a GSU T-shirt as a thank you (closer to the end of the campaign timeline).

Open Donations:

  • We welcome all donations! No donation is too big or too small

  • Our "Give Back to the G Fundraiser" campaign allows you to  adjust your donation amount to accommodate any budget.

This campaign is not exclusive to Grambling Alumni, please share this with everyone (family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and so on). ​

Thank you in advance. We appreciate you!

Lawrence Weekly ~ President

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